Rotten cheese fruit tree

Rotten cheese fruit tree

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Rotten cheese fruit tree. The first two years we only had one apple, or “grape”. But then this year, when we finally picked it, it was a monster. And the other grapes were so little. So we left it to just last. I forgot that the stem was still on it, so that’s probably why it’s so juicy. I think I found the right balance. We were all happy with it. If I didn’t pick the stem it wouldn’t be juicy and be too dry like that. Sometimes I’m really indecisive. But today we had dinner. We had a delicious green juice. It was nice. Tomorrow we’ll give it a try.

Today we’ll start. It’s an orange one. It’s a juice we’re doing for 2 weeks, but it’s always the same fruits. And today, we’re doing a lot of oranges. The first one is from last year, and the other two are from our neighbor’s trees. A neighbor. Yes, of course, in Belgium, we have neighbors. It’s our new hobby. Sometimes they come and they give us fruit. It’s like a little present from them. And you ask yourself, when we’re the ones who work, who should do the favors? But anyway, we’ll continue.

We picked from the neighbor’s trees at the beginning of April. They say you get the most oranges from trees that you pick all at the same time. So we went to the trees. We all picked a couple of apples from one tree, and then we started from the next one. For the rest of the apples we went from tree to tree. In Belgium they don’t have so much space to grow fruit trees. It’s very crowded. And there are a lot of cars and also some streets with no traffic lights, so you end up having all the cars on the same place. This year I was lucky to find one street with no traffic lights.

We started to pick the oranges in the beginning of April. And as usual we put them in plastic bags, and then we put the plastic bags in the fridge. And then we made some homemade juice. It was a very cold morning and it was also windy. So we put on some thick sweaters and thick coats.

The first juice is a mix of all these oranges, but mainly Clementines. The Clementines were easy to pick because they’re really small. As soon as we began to pick them, we found some that were a little too big, and then we had to throw them away. Clementines don’t have a very nice taste, but we’ll try to finish them. We thought that there was not much juice in them, but we’re glad that we gave them a try.

And after we finished the picking, we went back home to start preparing the juice. And we took the oranges from the fridge and washed them. We put them in a bucket and then we filled the bucket with cold water. Then we put the bucket inside the fridge, and as we put the bucket in the fridge, we turned on the fridge to heat up the cold water. And we turned it off after a while. In this way the water becomes warm.

After that we put the oranges in the blender. In Belgium you have to use a coffee grinder to be able to get the orange skin. You put the oranges into the coffee grinder and then you grind them. And then you get the juice. The juice will be very thin.

The only thing that you have to do with the orange is to squeeze them on a plate. And that’s it! The juice is done. You put it in the fridge and then you’re done.

We started with orange juice because we thought that orange juice was the best way to do the juice and then we will change to red currant juice. The only thing you have to do is to put the red currant into the blender. We put the lid on the blender. We put the blender on the counter. The blender is for the best because the juice will not be too thick if you put it into the fridge after you have done the blender. So you need to do it on the counter.

And then we put the red currants in the blender. And that’s it. And we put it in the fridge and we’ll try to finish it after 3 days.

Do you prefer orange juice to red currant juice?

I love both of them. I have to say that red currant juice is the best one. If you like it then you should try it! I know what to do with orange juice. I know what to do with orange juice.

Can you tell us about how you came up with this idea and your background?

I have a PhD in chemistry. I used to work in a research group. I used to work with very interesting things. I use to work with water, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic. I use to work with proteins and peptides and so on. We tried to do some experiments that were a bit more ‘out there’. We were always very happy with the results. But we always tried to push our experimental method.

We did this experiment just to prove that if you have a very thick juice and if you have a very thin juice then the temperature that the molecules will interact is very different. And we did it. And we actually made this very unique juice.

And it’s good, you should try it! It’s nice.

How do you work with your friends?

We’re not very much social. We work a lot, so we have to be social from time to time. And we get together and we try to have a nice dinner and drinks. But that’s it. But we talk about our experiments and that’s it.

But we’re also very much the kind of friends that you would want to spend time with. You’d never wanna spend time with us just because we work. You’d wanna spend time with us because we have a lot of fun together.

How do you like to work?

We don’t really work. We work.

If you like to do something and you like to do it, it’s not a problem. But it’s a problem if you don’t like to do it.

We’re not workaholics, if that’s what you mean. We enjoy being at home. We also enjoy doing our experiments.

And then there’s the whole thing with the kids, so that’s a little bit, it takes a bit of extra. But that’s it.

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