Small flowers to plant indoors

Small flowers to plant indoors

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But not everyone is as lucky as Meenakshi. But this does not mean that bringing green home is impossible. And what better occasion than a brand-new year to get more serious about your gardening hobby? Here are 10 plants you can grow indoors. This leafy plant can be grown anywhere in the house in indirect sunlight. Make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight, or the leafs will turn yellow.

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15 Stunning Low Light Flowering Indoor Plants

Pothos, Aglaonema and Dracaena are practically kill-proof. Sanseviera can go weeks without water. Fast-growing hoya , often called wax plants, can live forever. How do I know if my plant needs water? Can singing to plants help them grow? How do I prevent pests? What are the best herbs to grow indoors? Although often considered an office plant, there are many interesting varieties to choose from in various shapes, sizes and colors, including the horn-like cylindrica and patens.

Hoya : Many Hoya species do best in bright, filtered light but can be allowed to dry out between waterings because its leaves store water. Resistant to disease and pests, the ripple peperomia is a compact, trouble-free plant that occasionally produces thin, cream colored flower stalks.

Why millennials are plant addicts. That is why you will often see it trailing from the rafters in restaurants. You can kill this plant and revive it with water.

I speak from experience. Scindapsus pictus , or satin pothos: This popular climber is one of the easiest Scindapsus to grow. Keep it warm, in bright, indirect light, take care not to over water it, and it will be happy. Aglaonema , or Chinese evergreen: The Chinese evergreen is often recommended for beginners because it is hearty, easy to grow, drought tolerant and can endure just about any indoor lighting situation.

Spathiphyllum, or peace lily: Grow in medium light, in normal room temperatures, and water moderately and you will be treated to fragrant flowers in the spring. The Instagram gardening stars of Southern California. Dracaena Lisa cane and marginata : If you are looking for something taller, the Dracaena Lisa cane and marginata hold up well in lower light.

A healthy Lisa cane can grow as high as 7 to 8 feet tall with very little sunlight. Dracaena are popular for their striped, glossy leaves.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia , or ZZ plant: If you are intimidated by houseplants, Zamioculcas zamiifolia , commonly known as the ZZ plant, is a tall, sculptural tropical that can survive just about anywhere. Crassula ovata , or jade plant: This succulent needs little water, can withstand full sun to part shade, may grow to 4 feet tall and produces tiny pink or white star-shaped flowers.

Beaucarnea recurvata , or ponytail palm: The ponytail palm is easy because it can grow almost anywhere. Chlorophytum comosum , or spider plant, curly or straight: Provide this popular houseplant with well-drained soil and bright, indirect light and it will treat you to ornamental leaves that sprout spider-shaped plantlets.

Philodendron hederaceum : This plant, with its heart-shaped green leaves and trailing vines, is one of the most common houseplants and one of the easiest to grow. The plant can survive in a variety of lighting conditions and can be grown as a climbing or trailing specimen in baskets. Haworthia fasciata : Small and dramatic, this succulent has dark green leaves and white horizontal stripes. It is easy to grow and will thrive in partial shade, which is an unusual feat for a succulent. The essential weekly guide to enjoying the outdoors in Southern California.

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Lisa Boone is a features writer for the Los Angeles Times. Since , she has covered home design, gardening, parenting, houseplants, even youth sports. She is a native of Los Angeles. More plant stories. Should you soak your houseplants in the rain? We asked the experts. Comic: A kitchen composting guide for beginners. One clue the holidays are upon us? Garden light shows and wreath-making are back! All Sections. About Us.

B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events.Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. These low-key houseplants are practically kill-proof. By Lisa Boone Staff Writer. Plants make people happy. They inject our homes with life, personality and vitality.

Until we kill them. More plant questions How do I know if my plant needs water? Dwarf sansevieria in vintage pots. The hoya plant has waxy, heart-shaped foliage. Spathiphyllum, peace lily. Dracaena Elegans. ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Jade plant. Ponytail palm, beaucarnea recurvata. Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant. Heartleaf philodendron, Philodendron hederaceum. Haworthia fasciata, center.

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Free crochet plant pattern

Aloe vera is best known for its plump leaves that can provide a soothing gel for cuts and burns. Allow the plant's soil to dry completely in between waterings; depending on the humidity of your home, that may mean watering as little as every two to three weeks. The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law's tongue or ribbon plant Sansevieria , is a succulent with thick, waxy leaves. It loves being potbound and thrives on being ignored — the perfect plant for two-week vacationers. How to Care for a Snake Plant.

Often people think you can only have house plants in bright spaces They send out long spindly leaves and small white flowers that will.

Romantic Plants that Say I Love You

But living plants last longer and can be just as colorful. See some of our favorites. By Justin Hancock. Red Aglaonema Bold color doesn't have to come from flowers! Red aglaonema is showy because the leaves are streaked and stripped with shades of bright red and pink. Red aglaonema outlasts cut flowers -- it's one of the easiest houseplants to grow -- your loved one can enjoy it for years! Grow red aglaonema anywhere from low light to high. It appreciates ample relative humidity, but tolerates drier air with ease. Water when the top inch or two of the potting mix dries.

23 Colorful Houseplants to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Give your home a taste of the outdoors with beautiful, easy-to-care-for flowers. Keeping plants alive doesn't have to be a full-time job, and these plants make sure you don't spend too much time tending to them. They are self-sufficient enough that even the most inexperienced gardener can look after them, and the best part about these houseplants is that they'll add a breath of fresh air to any room in the house. Whether they require little watering or are easy to pot, these buds will make being a plant parent extra rewarding.

As much as we enjoy our houseplants for their pretty leaves alone, it can feel like a truly momentous occasion when flowers appear. Here are some of our favorites for adding extra color and even fragrance to your indoor garden.

Indoor plants

Winter can always use some brightening up. Especially if, like me, you spend much of the season indoors, relaxing and catching up on your gardening reading. A cheery houseplant or three might be just the companion you need for your winter rejuvenation. And many houseplants will last for years if you provide them with the proper care. We link to vendors to help you find relevant products.

Flowers for Small Pots

More Information ». Kalanchoes come in a wide range of colors such as this red, single flowering variety of kalanchoe Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Barbara H. Kalanchoe Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a popular houseplant typically available for sale during late winter and spring months. It is a durable flowering potted plant requiring very little maintenance in the home or office. It has dark green, thick waxy leaves with scalloped-edges and small, four-petaled flowers in clusters held above the foliage. It is also available in a double flowering variety with as many as 26 petals per bloom.

Discover our range of Indoor Plants at John Lewis & Partners. Indoor & House Plants () The Little Botanical Succulent Plant Gang.

Anthurium for sale

Plus, there are fewer pests no fungus gnats! If you want to learn more about plants that grow in water, read on! There are many reasons to include plants that grow in water in your indoor garden. Here are five benefits to growing plants like heartleaf philodendron and golden pothos in water.

22 of the Most Beautiful Blooming Houseplants You Can Grow

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Walkways, porches, patios, decks and windowsills come alive with flowers bred for small pots. The collection of blooms acts as a miniature container garden and brightens otherwise drab areas. With regular watering, feeding and pruning the flowers last all season long and sometimes do well as indoor plants.The pots can complement the flower colors or be hidden by the foliage. No matter the color or material, it is important that each small pot have a drainage hole and a water reservoir to catch the draining water.

Much of the scenic beauty of nature has been replaced by densely populated areas that sprawl for miles from urban centers. This visual pollution affects us all and leaves us with a longing for a closer connection with nature.

Limited Time Sale Easy Return. When you water your plant, the excess will run off into … Crafted of sustainable acacia wood with faux concrete shelves for storing books, beverages or greenery, the three-tier plant stand is ideal on balconies and in small spaces. This ever-popular formula contains Vitamin B1, kelp and other ingredients so pla Learn More. For over-sized planters, such as those with small trees, etc. You get the stand, four light fixtures, eight 40 watt T12 style fluorescent bulbs, and 8 plastic trays.

Flowering houseplants bring beauty and color to your home, provide a great conversation piece for visitors, and bring joy no matter what season it is outside. Although many flowering houseplants require a lot of light, there are quite a few low light flowering indoor plants that will grow and thrive even in low light homes. Here are 15 of my favorite low light flowering indoor plants, with details on how to care for them, so you can enjoy beautiful blooms throughout your home. The Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid looks like a delicate tropical plant with its stunningly beautiful flowers and graceful stems.


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