Onions all year round

Onions all year round

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Early in spring, stored in winter: plant onions in the vegetable garden to enjoy them all year round in the kitchen.

There are many varieties of onions.

Onion white or early is planted in September and consumed in spring.

Colorful onions - red, pink and yellow - are harvested at the end of summer and can be stored for up to six months in a cool, dry place.

Sow the onions

These can be sown in rows in areas with mild winters. Cover the seeds with 1 cm of soil. After germination, thin out to keep an onion every 10 cm.

You can also plant them in bulbs, starting in February in mild regions and April in others.

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Onion care

Onions can be accustomed to any soil, provided it is well drained. He likes to be in the sun.

One of its main pests is downy mildew, which may attack in summer when heat follows heavy rains. The onion maggot is another enemy, it gnaws at its leaves when young, in the spring. To avoid it, we often recommend alternating the rows of carrots and onions. But you can also use repellent plant sprays like garlic or wormwood, or apply an insect veil to keep it away.

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Harvesting onions

Before harvesting your storage onions by August September, cut back the foliage to promote the maturity of the bulbs.

After a few days, pluck the onions and let them dry in the sun for 48 hours on shelves.

Remember to bring them in at night. Cut the stems when they are dry and store your onions in a cool, dry place.

Properties of onions

From the alliaceae family, such asgarlic, the onion is a cooking essential that has many virtues. Rich in antioxidants (especially red onion), it is notably a source of manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

Its regular consumption would have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

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