Growing zucchini well

Growing zucchini well

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Zucchini is an easy to grow vegetable that will delight your taste buds in summer and fall.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cucurbita pepo
Family : Cucurbits
Type : Vegetable

: 30 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rather light and well drained

Harvest : 2 months after sowing

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Sowing and planting zucchini

Zucchini is a fruit / vegetable that is grown in all of our regions and that requires only one thing, sun and water.

Sowing zucchini at the end of winter:

The sowing under shelter starts from March April,

  • Sow in pockets in small pots at the rate of 2-3 seeds per cup.
  • Cover lightly with potting soil then water in fine rain to keep the substrate slightly moist.
  • Once the young plants have emerged, transplant the most vigorous in the ground from April or May depending on the region
  • Allow about 1m2 per plant because the courgette needs room to develop.

Sowing zucchini in the ground in spring:

The sowing in the ground outdoors takes place from end of April-beginning of May, after any risk of frost.

  • Use the so-called pocket sowing method about 2 or 3 cm deep and respecting a space of 60 to 80 cm between each pocket.
  • When the plants are 8-10cm tall, thin out so that they develop normally.
  • If you choose a potted seedlings, transplant in the ground 4 to 6 weeks later.
    This has the advantage of protect young plants from slugs until their proper development.

Planting zucchini seedlings:

If you are pressed for time or have forgotten to sow on time, we can plant zucchini purchased in a bucket in late spring or early summer.

  • Do not plant too early as a lack of sun or too much humidity could be fatal.
  • Observe the spacing necessary for proper development of the zucchini (about 1m in all directions per foot).
  • Water regularly, especially at the beginning, to promote rooting.

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Care and cultivation of courgettes

If growing zucchini is easy, the maintenance requires some care to obtain a good harvest.

  • Remove weeds as you go.
  • Water in case of hot weather, avoiding wetting the foliage at the risk of spotting the zucchini powdery mildew.
  • Remove damaged leaves as you go, especially if they show signs of disease.

Harvesting courgettes

The growth of the zucchini is very fast so we must take care of its development because, too big, they are less good.

The more tender the flesh, the tastier and more digestible it will be.

The more it is allowed to grow, the larger the seeds become in number and size.

Harvesting takes place about 2 months after sowing

  • Preferably choose the ripening zucchini, because the seeds are already starting to appear in the ripe ones. They are therefore less pleasant to taste.
  • It is also best to pick them when theour size does not exceed 20 cm for the long ones, and 10 cm in diameter for the round ones.

>> Here is a video to grow zucchini well >>

Zucchini and powdery mildew

This thin white film that covers zucchini leaves and poisons your zucchini plants is powdery mildew.

Adequate and timely treatment is essential to overcome the powdery mildew that could even contaminate most of the cucurbits in your kitchen garden such as squash and pumpkins, cucumbers or melons

  • Use pruning shears previously disinfected with alcohol at 90 °
  • Cut and destroy diseased leaves as soon as the powdery mildew appears (never in compost)
  • Spray a sulfur-based solution.
  • You can also use baking soda at a rate of 5g / liter of water + a teaspoon of Marseille soap.

All you need to know about zucchini

Native to Central America, the zucchini is a young squash picked before full maturity.

It has the advantage of giving very beautiful summer edible yellow flowers.

Considered a creeping plant, its long or rounded fruits are rich in water (95%), calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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From interesting zucchini varieties, we will remember ‘Ambassador’, Black beauty ’, Diamant’, mar Gold rush ’,‘ Précoce maraîchère ’, Splendor’, or Ronde de Nice ’with its delicious round fruits.

Smart tip

Avoid wetting the leaves when watering, it is the best defense against powdery mildew.

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Video: How to grow AMAZING Zucchini (July 2022).


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