Create a garden of the senses

What could be more pleasant, on a beautiful sunny day, than to spend moments ofrelaxationin his garden.

But very often, we tend to summarize these moments in the contemplation of trees, shrubs or flowers.

It is true. However, they must also be able to stimulate your other senses : smell, touch, taste and hearing. How to do ? The solution is simple: create a garden of the senses.

The view: paint a plant picture

The first sensethat we think of when we talk about the garden, it is obviously that of the view.

Before hearing, smelling, touching or tasting, we first see colorsand shapesflowerbeds for example.

So this is the easiest meaning to satisfy and for that, just follow our guide to create a massive.

Smell: create your home fragrance

Second meaningput to use in a garden: thesmell.

What a pleasant sensation to smell the sweet scent of flowers, the fragrances exhaled by the leaves gently stirred by the wind or crumpled by your hands.

Plants with fragrant flowers

  • Perennials : carnations, echinacea, peonies, star jasmine;
  • Bulb : Lily ;
  • Shrubs : skimmia, lavender, rosebushes (‘Korrezia’, King Arthur ’, Sylvie Vartan’, Abbeyfield ’);
  • Trees : linden, eucryphia.

Plants with fragrant leaves

  • Perennials : santolina, lemon thyme, wild thyme, thyme, chamomile, mint, monard, oregano, dead nettle;
  • Shrubs : rosemary, lavender, Mexican orange tree, bay leaf;
  • Trees : the caramel tree.

Touch: keep in touch with your plants

If you are the type tactile, it is very easy to stimulate your sense of to touchin the garden. This can go through:

  • the softness of foliage (StachysPelargonium, mimosa, lady's mantle, etc.), bark (birch, Indian lilac), the touch of grass under your bare feet;
  • the delicacy of the flowers of grasses (PennisetumMiscanthusChasmanthium, etc.);
  • the roughness of the bark of oak, maple, etc.

The taste: treat yourself in the garden

Apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes can quickly spring to mind when it comes to tasting the fruits of nature. However, there are also many other original plants that are sure to delight your taste buds.

We can cite pell-mell: sage, chocolate or peppermint, oregano, chives, lemon thyme, etc.

Opt for an original plant with an oyster flavor, mertensia maritima!

IMPORTANT: The plant world is vast, and while some plants are edible, others are not at all. Also, before putting a plant in your mouth, make sure it is harmless.

Hearing: compose your gardener's symphony

This is not necessarily the easiest sense to stimulate in the garden, and yet with a few tips, you can enjoy your garden while closing your eyes.

Hear the rustle of the leaves

Some tree species such as birch and poplar have leaves so light that they will come alive in the slightest breeze. Grasses can also make you enjoy the music of their leaves.

Instead, choose large species that will have better wind resistance such as the Miscanthusor pampas grass.

Let yourself be lulled by the lapping of the water

A garden doesn't have to be all about plants. Nothing prevents you from adding the liquid element to enhance your green space.

Install a fountainor a cascadein a small poolfor example.

By necessarily requiring a lot of work, there are many simple and inexpensive solutions, such as fountains that can be placed directly on water and run on solar energy.

Enjoy the song of the insects

By favoring honey plants, you will encourage them pollinating insectsto take up residence in your massifs.

You will be able to enjoy the soothing buzz of bees at your leisure, for example.

The latter particularly appreciate lavender, lime, eucryphia, St. John's wort, etc.


In addition to the foliage of your plants, install chimeswhich will complement your sensory experience with a sweet melody.

With all these tips, you can spend pleasant moments in your garden, while varying the sensory pleasures.

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