How to arrange a garden with games for children?

We are used to designing gardens for adults with terraces and reception areas. However, we must not forget the little ones for whom an exterior is a real place of experimentation.

From hide-and-seek to fantastic stories, including a few bombs in the pool, the garden allows them to exercise and develop their imaginations. Discover our tips for arranging a garden with games for children!

A dedicated space for children

First of all, it is important to dedicate a specific space to them. For this, it is possible to choose a floor covering other than the rest of the exterior. You can opt for the colored and shock-absorbing coverings of the children's play areas or keep the whole garden consistent with a wooden terrace. A few Japanese steps will show them how to hop from the house to their playground. To keep peace of mind, install fences and guardrails so that children can have fun safely.

The treehouse or on the ground

Who hasn't dreamed of a cabin when they were little? This shelter is a child-wide cocoon. They can thus play superheroes or life-size “Daddy and mom”. Small or large, they adapt to all gardens to create spaces of freedom and creativity for the little ones.

The cabin can be nestled in a tree accessible by a ladder, if your children are already grown up. For more security, place it on the ground. Small house or exotic tipi, the funniest thing is to build it yourself. However, there are many ready-to-buy models available.

A fun pool

There's nothing like a swimming pool to keep the kids busy all day! Young people can thus enjoy the garden during the hot weather and practice a collective sporting activity. They will make passes with a ball, try to stand on a fry and do buoy contests. In addition, you can also enjoy this swim which will refresh you in summer and will welcome you for a few lengths. From the swim lane to the mini-pools, the pools are getting smaller and smaller to fit into any garden. Different water levels allow the little ones to enjoy the water in complete safety, although parental controls are mandatory.

Their square of land

The garden is above all educational! See a plant grow from a seed to a pretty perennial, watch the leaves color, discover extraordinary butterflies ... Why not reserve a small square of land for them to encourage them to garden? Children can then plant and harvest their strawberries or even pick mint leaves. These educational activities will allow them to better understand plants, vegetables and ecosystems. A real plus for the organic course!

Playtime at home

There are games that never go out of style! Swings always find their place in the garden, suspended from a branch or a porch. Children always play teacher or 1, 2, 3 sun. A sandbox stimulates fine motor skills, touch and independence in younger children. The tiles can draw a hopscotch to learn to count while maintaining balance. To encourage them to play sports, attach grips to a wall to make a mini climbing wall. Continue your assault course with a "ninja slack" to move around holding onto grips with your arms only. At the end of this course, add a slide to reward the winners!

A rest area

After all their adventures, there is no denying a relaxation area. With comfortable seats, hammocks and cushions, it will be equally useful for children and adults! Now is the time to pull out a book or listen to some music. All accompanied by a well-deserved snack.

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