Orchid: tips for a beautiful flowering

Orchid: tips for a beautiful flowering

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Growing and caring for the phalaenopsis orchid is very accessible, and it can flower all year round.

Planting or repotting, watering or exposure, here are our maintenance tips for beautiful flowering throughout the seasons.

It is also called "butterfly orchid" for the resemblance of its flowers to the latter.

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Ideal exhibition for orchid

Exposure of your orchid is important to ensure good flowering.

Orchid and light:

Too much sun could be fatal for it, but a lack of light would prevent it from blooming.

The ideal temperature is18 to 21 °

  • The phalaenopsis orchid will also be at home outdoors during the summer months.
  • We can therefore take out the orchid from May.
  • In all cases, choose a bright place, but without direct sun.

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Watering and orchid

The phalaenopsis orchid needs to be watered regularly, but not excessively, as it can cause the roots to rot.

It is therefore best not to flood the earth while maintaining the moisture it needs.

Never leave standing water at the bottom of the pot.

Water the orchids well:

  • At spring / summer, water once or twice a week
  • In winter, reduce watering to twice a month.
  • Regularly spray water on the leaves and roots, this may be sufficient for watering.
  • If your area is very limestone, preferably take rainwater or mineral water because the orchid is very sensitive to it.

Orchid after flowering

After a few weeks of beautiful flowering, the flower wilts. Don't worry, if your orchid has flowered once, there is a good chance it will flower again.

  • This is normal, flowering can last for several weeks, but eventually stops.
  • We can sometimes wait several weeks before seeing an orchid bloom again.

Once wilted, there is a technique to make the orchid bloom again after flowering.

Bloom an orchid

The phalaenopsis orchid can bloom again after the first flowering if you follow these tips:

  • Cut the stalk whose flowers have faded above the 2nd eye.

If it is already a second flowering, cut short the stem on which the flowers have faded.

  • Throughout the life of your orchid, you will cut short the stems that gave flowers.

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Repot an orchid

Like all houseplants, repotting the orchid is part of the life of the plant and its root system.

When and how to repot the orchid:

Repotting is important. This is usually done every 2 or 3 years and is essential to help your plant develop.

  • Follow our advice for well repot an orchid.

Smart tip

The orchid is the perfect houseplant to flower much of the year with minimal maintenance.

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