June in the garden, all the advice

June in the garden, all the advice

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Summer is coming and the garden is experiencing one of the most beautiful times of the year.

The flowers are adorned with their most beautiful attractions, the shrubs are in full growth, the fruit trees foreshadow the quality of the coming harvest while the vegetable garden already offers you beautiful vegetables.

Sowing, planting, weeding and treating fruit trees, a lot of gardening work is to be done in June.

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Flowers in June

There is still time to plant the annuals that will bloom this summer and fall.

  • We can sow the annuals that bloom in summer

  • but also the annuals that bloom in the fall

Remove withered flowers other plants over time to stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

In case of strong heat and if it is not raining, water regularly by favoring watering in the evening to avoid too immediate evaporation.

For plants purchased in pots or containers, it is still time to plant them provided they water regularly because their needs are greater.

Finally, cut the foliage of your bulb flowers when they have turned yellow. It is indeed better to wait until this moment so that they have time to continue their reserves for the following year.

Trees and shrubs in June

Pruning trees and shrubs, this is the right time for some:

  • The shrubs that have blooming in spring can be trimmed, it's even the best period.
  • This is also the time to prune your boxwood, if it has not yet been done.

Watering and fertilizer for trees and shrubs:

Concerning the shrubs that bloom in summer, prepare the flowering to come by watering regularly and, possibly by providing shrub fertilizer.

If you cultivate your potted boxwood, do not hesitate to water them in the evening if it is hot and it is not raining because the boxwoods need water.

Finally bring fertilizer for your heather earth plants, especially to your hydrangeas which will have, thanks to this, a magnificent flowering.

Conifers in June

If conifers don't need a lot of maintenance, a special coniferous fertilizer will allow them to fight effectively against diseases and have very beautiful antlers.

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Roses in June

This is one of the most active times aphid invasion.

In order to have an even more spectacular and lasting flowering, you can bring a rose bush fertilizer.

In case of heat and if it is not raining, water the foot of the rose bushes without watering the foliage to avoid promoting the onset of fungal diseases.

  • Finally, remove withered flowers over time to stimulate the appearance of new roses.

It's also banana season so collect the peels to put them at the foot of your roses, they will thank you by giving you pretty flowers.

Fruit trees in June

There isn't much you can do on your fruit trees other than inspect them regularly to make sure they aren't sick.
For cherry trees, protect your cherries with a protective net.

About the vine, continue to treat Bordeaux mixture every 15 days to prevent the onset of mildew. You will only stop the treatment about a month before harvesting the grapes.

Vegetable garden in June

Sowing vegetables in place:

The month of June offers the possibility of sowing directly in place and in the ground.

We thus find the beet, the carrots, the chicory, the cucumber, the courgette, the beans, the lettuce, the turnips, watermelon, parsley, the leeks, the peas, and the radish.

These vegetables, which can also be sown before June, will have the advantage, if they are sown now, of having a rather late harvest.

Vegetable garden planting:

This is also the time to put in the ground your summer and fall vegetables such as eggplants, cucumber and pickles, zucchini, peppers, fall leeks, tomatoes and squash

For vegetables that have already been sown and are starting to produce, it is necessary to maintain in regular weeding.

Also take care to water as soon as the soil is dry while avoiding, as with roses, wetting the foliage.

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Aromatic plants :

You can cultivate all aromatic plants and condiments, including basil and coriander

Lawn, grass in June

If your lawn is starting to turn yellow, it is it is good to water it. Watering lawns consumes a lot of water and everyone knows that our planet is in dire need of it.

Know that from the first rain, it will turn green again!

You can nevertheless add a lawn fertilizer in order to strengthen it and make it even greener and more beautiful.

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