Gerbera: a colorful perennial

Gerbera: a colorful perennial

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Gerbera is a pretty houseplant, popular for its foliage and pretty flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Gerbera
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Houseplant

: 30 to 40 cm indoors
Exposure : Bright

: Persistent -Flowering : All year

Widely used as a bouquet, it is also the good hold of the gerbera that makes it one of the florists' favorite flowers.

Planting and repotting gerbera

We can cultivate the gerbera outdoors in summer, but in our climate it will not get through the winter.

This is why we cultivate the gerbera indoors.

Gerbera in pot:

Gerbera is a plant that needs good soil to flower profusely.

Then, every 2 years and preferably in the spring, repot your gerbera in a pot with a slightly larger diameter.

When repotting:

  • The roots of the gerbera dread excess water.
    Make sure the new pot is well drilled at the bottom.
    Improve drainage by placing a bed of gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the pot to facilitate the flow of water.
  • A good soil is necessary.
    The plant, when it lives indoors, needs potting soil because only it will provide it with the nutrients it needs.
  • Low but constant humidity is necessary without wetting the foliage.

The multiplication is possible by division of the tuft in the spring or by seedling in terrine around February-March.

Gerbera exhibition

The gerbera needs a temperature between 18 and 24 ° but which must never go below 13 °

  • The minimum temperature is around 5 ° of short duration
  • The temperature of a house or apartment is therefore ideal for growing gerbera.

The best place to put your gerbera is in a place where there is no good light But no direct sun in summer.

  • She dreads the sun's rays when they land directly on the gerbera
    It therefore needs good light but without direct sunlight
  • Absolutely avoid the proximity of a heat source such as a radiator as this tropical plant needs humidity.
  • We can place the gerbera outdoors summer in partial shade.
  • In mediterranean region the gerbera can live outside all year round if it is well sheltered.

You can install the gerbera next to a gloxinia because the growing conditions are close.

Watering and fertilizer

Regular but moderate watering is necessary. Gerbera requires little water but often.

In spring and summer:

Hold the slightly moist potting soil and make sure that the water flow is correct.

Bring someliquid plant fertilizer green every month or so to prolong flowering as much as possible

  • Water from above and ideally with water at room temperature
  • Never wet the leaves and flowers of the gerbera

In order to maintain a certain humidity, it is preferable to place the pot on a bed of clay balls with water in the dark.

In autumn and winter:

Reduce watering so as to wait for the soil is very dry in depth between 2 waterings.

  • Stop adding fertilizer.

Sick gerbera

We mainly find the common diseases of houseplants, red spider, mealybug, aphids but also powdery mildew

  • If the leaves are fading, it's probably a lack of fertilizer.
  • Smaller and smaller leaves indicate the need to repot the gerbera

All you need to know about the gerbera

A marvelous indoor plant of pink, red, yellow or even white, it offers flowers in the shape of daisies.

The gerbera is vulnerable to aphids so to avoid this spray regularly an insecticide based on pyrethrum.

The ideal lifespan of the gerbera is usually no more than 3 years. It will have to be renewed at the end of this period.

The most widely used cultivars are gerbera amesonii and gerbera viridifolia, while Germini (mini gerbera) are increasingly used by florists.

Gerbera in bouquet

In order to keep your gerberas as long as possible in a bouquet, it is important to use clean water in a perfectly clean vase.

  • It is then necessary to regularly renew the water in the vase

You can also use the gerbera in floating flower as a decoration on a set table for example.

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