Pierre de ronsard ® rose: a marvel!

Pierre de ronsard ® rose: a marvel!

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The Pierre de Ronsard® rose is a rose developed by the rose grower, Francis Meilland, who made it one of the best-selling in the world.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Eden Rose 85
Family : Climbing rose
Type : Rosebush

Soil: Rich
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade

Height : 2 to 3 m - Foliage : Expired -Flowering : Summer

We appreciate its large white flowers tinged with pink which bloom for a long time during the summer, its bushy habit and its great vigor which makes it very resistant.

Planting the Pierre de Ronsard rose

You will install your Pierre de Ronsard rose at sun or light shade in the hottest hours. But this rosebush needs at least 4-5 hours of sun / day to bloom well.

Plant your rose bush in a mix of garden soil and potting soil with, ideally, a bed of fertilizer at the bottom of the hole.

From planting, provide a support to make it climb and tie up the branches regularly so that they do not sag.

Plant a bare root Ronsard stone:

The ideal period for planting the Pierre de Ronsard rose is fall and winter provided it does not freeze.

If you buy your Pierre de Ronsard bare root rose, it is recommended to praline the roots before planting.

  • You can make your pralin yourself or buy it off the shelf.

Plant a Pierre de Ronsard in a bucket:

Purchased in a bucket, the planting period is wider, extending from spring to fall. However, avoid periods of hot weather and drought.

  • Water generously after planting and regularly for the next 2 years
  • Find our file for to plant a rosebush

Perfume of the Pierre de Ronsard rose

The scent is quite light not to say insignificant considering the bloom.

Note that its flowering is repeatable and therefore it will flower several times a year.

Maintenance of the Pierre de Ronsard rose

The Pierre de Ronsard rose is vigorous and ultimately demands fairly low maintenance when properly installed. However, a few steps will allow you to prolong or even improve the flowering of roses.

  • A rose bush fertilizer in spring will make the flowering denser and brighter
  • Mulching at the base of the rose bush will prevent weeds from growing and keep the soil cool
  • Removing faded flowers as they go helps promote the appearance of new flowers

Pruning the Pierre de Ronsard rose

If you prune your rose bush regularly (once a year) you will allow it to have better growth, a pretty habit and better flowering from spring to autumn.

  • For that, here are the tips for pruning a climbing rose.

Diseases of the Pierre de Ronsard rose

Francis Meilland, thanks to Pierre de Ronsard, gave birth to a rosebush particularly resistant to diseases.

If, however, your Ronsard is sick, you notice some spots on the leaves, abnormal yellowing or any other disease on your Pierre de Ronsard®, refer to our advice dedicated to rose bush diseases.

To know about the Pierre de Ronsard rose

The Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose is a hybrid resulting from the crossing of 3 roses, ‘Danse des Sylphes’, Handel ’and Kalinka’.

In 2006 he received the prestigious prize of "Favorite Rose of the Whole World", thus rewarding the most beautiful roses around the world.

It is to this day one of the best-selling roses in the world.

Particularity of flowers and leaves:

The Pierre de Ronsard rose is a rose with large double flowers offering a subtle gradient from white to pink. Its roses are shaped like old roses.

Although offering a fairly light fragrance, the Pierre de Ronsard rose perfectly fills this gap with a extremely dense and particularly long flowering since it runs from April to October-November.

The foliage is not to be outdone since its color is green, bright and dark, contrasting with the delicacy of its flowers and colors.

Smart tip about Pierre de Ronsard

During winter, neutral pH mulch such as flax or hemp mulch is recommended to protect it from the cold.

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