Why choose an electronic cat flap for your pets?

Why choose an electronic cat flap for your pets?

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Opening with a valve, the cat flap allows all pets a perfect autonomy letting them come and go as they please.

In recent years, the connected electronic cat flap has replaced the traditional cat flap. Iunavoidable for homeowners wanting to keep unwanted visitors out, its price is affordable and the range of sizes and shapes fit all of our furry animals.

In this article, we present the principle and the assets of "this passage to freedom " revolutionary.

The electronic cat flap, how does it work?

The principle :

The classic cat flap allows access to your interior to all animals that discover it, attracted by food or the prospect of a comfortable shelter.

The electronic cat flap opens only when it recognizes your pet's microchip:

  • it's about the veterinary identification chip which includes 15 digits (compulsory for cats, dogs and ferrets);
  • or from that of a receiver collar supplied with the purchase to wear to your companion.

The installation:

  • In order for the cat flap to memorize the microchip, you need to trick your hairball into it. Attract him with his favorite treat!
  • Inside is a very technical device responsible for detecting and analyzing the frequencies emitted by the chip. When your animal pokes its head, all you have to do is press the button provided for this purpose to have its chip memorized. There is then a connection, it’s very simple!


Total autonomy

With an electronic cat flap, your pet is completely free to enter and leave your home.

  • No need to move to open the door for him, day and night.
  • Possibility to leave it alone a few days (for a cat) or a few hours in complete serenity and without feeling guilty in a secure way.

A passage reserved for your animals:

  • The cat flap door opens and closes only when it recognizes the configured chip. No more intruders with this ingenious device!
  • Depending on the model, the cat flap can memorize multiple microchips if you have different pets that you want it to borrow. Choose a size sufficient to allow easy access to all your companions.

The little extras of the electronic cat flap:

  • Ease of maintenance. Just a damp sponge to keep the passage clean.
  • Its installation is fast, possible on most media and within the reach of all budding DIY enthusiasts.
  • She is hermetic, not allowing air or humidity to pass through.
  • His price is affordable and justified. 70 to 100 euros with all the accessories for the assembly.
  • It is guaranteed. Remember to keep your receipt.

Did you know ?

There are water and food dispensers equipped with an electronic chip to better manage the diet of our dear animals.

Smart advice

We recommend fitting a cat flap that recognizes the veterinary identification chip, this prevents the loss of the medallion and all accidents associated with wearing a collar.

Do not hesitate to ask the seller about its various features and its installation. All models have the same principle, but still have some differences.


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