Fruit trees

Actions to improve fruit harvest

Why does the quality of the flowering of a fruit tree already indicate the quality of its fruiting?

Pollination plays a decisive role in the formation of fruits.

The next harvest is already being prepared at this point.

Then, throughout the fruiting process, actions will help you to have more beautiful fruits.

Here's what you need to know ...

How to improve the fruit harvest?

Several factors must be taken into consideration and each of them will improve the performance of your orchard.

The climate :

He plays a major role. By choosing varieties offruit trees adapted to the climate of your region, you will guarantee its growth in the best conditions.

  • We will therefore avoid, for example, planting a peach tree in the north of France or an apple tree in an arid environment.

A good combination of varieties or self-fertile species:

  • You will need to associate certain varieties with each other to promote pollination.
  • Wind and insects play a large part in the transport of pollen: it is an essential step for pollination and therefore for fruiting.
  • Some varieties need to be combined with each other while others will not allow good pollination.
    Check with a garden center salesperson or nurseryman for the right associations.
  • But there are also so-called self-fertile varieties that have the ability to pollinate themselves.
    They are generally used when the size of the garden does not allow for planting several fruit trees.

A rich biodiversity and an active ecosystem:

  • For the tree to bear many fruits, your garden must be rich in flowers.
    This is the best way to attract the insects that will come and pollinate the trees.
  • So vary the flowering plants, perennials and annuals.
  • Choose meliferous plants which attract bees by the richness of their nectar or, more generally, entomophiles which attract insects.
  • If you plant a hedge near your fruit plantations, choose as a priority a varied hedge.

If a fruit tree has given little or no fruit ...

We are often surprised to see his fruit tree devoid of fruit when it had been so generous the previous year!

But, nature is well done! A tree that produces a large amount of fruit one year needs rest the following year.

To limit this phenomenon, you can prune the tree every year.

  • Remove vertical branches to encourage the growth of horizontal branches.

  • This operation will optimize fruiting more efficiently.

  • Remove some of the fruits at the start of their formation.

The most common fruit trees

Find some of the most common fruit trees in our gardens and follow the advice for each:

  • Apple tree
  • Pear tree
  • plum tree
  • Cherry tree
  • To fish
  • Fig tree
  • Quince, quince
  • Apricot tree

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