Rhubarb and slugs: an effective solution

In addition to its great taste values, rhubarb also has other advantages, such as controlling slugs in the vegetable patch or in the garden.

100% natural treatment, it is harmless to insects and garden animals and can be of great service.

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Rhubarb and slugs: an effective treatment

If the slugs have taken over your garden or your vegetable patch, and you can't stand to see your vegetables, salads, lettuce but also garden flowers destroyed by our dear slugs, this treatment is for you!

Recipe against slugs:

You have to start by harvesting rhubarb leaves.

With 200 g of leaves, you will make 1 liter of solution against slugs.

  • Put the 200 g of rhubarb leaves in 1 liter of water
  • Leave to macerate for at least 24 hours, ideally for 48 hours
  • Filter then put the solution in your sprayer
  • Spray on the leaves of plantations to protect against slugs.

Take fresh leaves of a rhubarb and roughly chop 500 g. Macerate in 3 liters of water for 24 hours. Then filter and spray the solution without diluting it.

An excellent slug repellent, this rhubarb-based mixture should keep them away for a while.

The spraying operation should be repeated according to the degree of invasion but also if the rain were to dilute the product against slugs.

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Tip about the anti slug solution

You can also lay rhubarb leaves on the ground.

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Video: Feeding The Rhubarb and Slug Control (September 2021).