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Outdoor yucca: maintenance, watering

Outdoor yucca: maintenance, watering

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Outdoor Yucca gloriosa is a plant native to Central America of great beauty.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Yucca gloriosa, yucca filamentosa
Family : Asparagaceae
Type : Succulent shrub, houseplant

: 2 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, poor even dry

: Persistent

Flowering : June to October

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Maintenance is relatively easy and you will be enchanted by the beauty of its foliage.

Yucca gloriosa plantation

Yucca in pot for home and apartment:

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Yucca gloriosa outdoors:

Prefer a planting in spring in a very sunny place.

Yucca does not need very rich soil and particularly likes sandy soils.

In areas where it freezes, choose a container culture that you can bring in in the colder months.

Watering the Yucca

You should not overwater because the plant likes rather dry soils.

Watering every fortnight is normally more than enough in hot weather and only if you think your yucca is sagging.

Pruning Yucca gloriosa

No pruning is necessary.
You will be able remove the flowers after they are faded.

If the yucca leaves turn yellow

It is certainly a excess water. It is then necessary to stop all watering.
The yucca, like all plants, experiences a period of vegetative rest during which its needs are limited.

Indoors, choose a very bright place but away from heat sources, such as a radiator or the sun during the hottest hours.

Good to know about outdoor yucca

Yucca is particularly characteristic of rather hot countries like Mexico or the south of the United States, but it will be easy to grow it on the mediterranean coast or Atlantic shelter from strong winds.

He only claims low maintenance and looks great with its long, prickly leaves.

Her flowering However, only 5 years after planting.

This shrub will find its place perfectly in massive, but also in isolated or in pot, on your terrace or in your house.

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Smart tip

Mulching during winter is recommended, especially if you fear a certain coolness, mineral mulching is particularly suitable.

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