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Cosmos: colors and lightness

The cosmos is a pretty annual flower, appreciated for its colors and its wild side.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cosmos
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Annual

Height : 20 cm to 1.5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Regular, light, well drained

Flowering : May to October

Very easy to achieve, the flowering of the cosmos is generous and the decorative effect guaranteed.

Cosmos sowing

In spring, from middle of april, choose a sunny place to sow your cosmos.

If you live north of the Loire you will rather sow from the month of May

In summer, you can also plant cosmos bought in pots, but the most common technique is sowing.

  • After sowing, water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Once the seedling has emerged you can thin out to aerate your young plants. This consists of removing the most fragile and too tight plants.

As for theaster, ordinary garden soil mixed with potting soil is ideal.

  • Avoid soils that are too heavy and too compact.
  • To make this a beautiful ground cover, allow around 8-9 feet per square meter.

Cosmos in jar:

It is quite possible to cultivate the cosmos in pots on a terrace or a balcony.

  • A potting soil for flowering plants is ideal.
  • A very sunny or partial shade situation is quite suitable.
  • Regular watering for container culture is recommended.

Maintenance of the cosmos

Very easy to cultivate, the cosmos only demands verylow maintenance.

For the tall-stemmed varieties, feel free to tutor to prevent them from bending in the wind.

While watering is recommended and should be regular after sowing, it is no longer necessary when the cosmos are in bloom.

Once wilted, you can cut the stems short.

Make the cosmos bloom again:

If your climate allows it, it is quite possible that the cosmos will naturally and spontaneously reseed themselves from year to year.

For that, you don't have to do anything, the seeds of the cosmos will fall to the ground naturally and bloom again the following year.

On the other hand, if it freezes in your area, the cosmos are unlikely to bloom again and you can pull it all out at the end of the year.

  • You can give it a try and increase your chances by putting a thick mulch of fallen leaves on the ground in the fall.

To know about the cosmos

Border plant, massif or rockery, the cosmos is spectacular from spring to autumn thanks to that generous flowering and which is constantly renewed.

Easy annual, there are a large number of species and varieties and therefore as many shapes and colors.

There are 2 large groups of cosmos:

  • Cosmos Bipinnatus : the most common, with white, pink or red flowers.
  • Cosmos Sulphureus : whose shades vary between yellow and orange.
  • Little rustic, the cosmos is not frost resistant

Smart tip

To encourage the appearance of new flowers, remove faded flowers as you go.

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