Tips for a successful patio layout

When space permits, it is quite possible to install comfortable and practical garden furniture on the terrace.

Aluminum, woven resin, plastic or wood, which choice to make?

What about plants? We answer your questions.

Choose your garden furniture

The planning of a terrace begins with the choice and installation of garden furniture. But which material to choose?

The advantages of aluminum

Choosing an aluminum garden furniture means choosing the solidityand the durability. It is extremely resistant to climate change and has a very long shelf life - namely more than 10 years. It is also appreciated for its lightness and the low maintenance it requires. Moreover, the aluminum garden furnitureexist in one multitude of colorsand shapes. Fantasy can thus be invited on your terrace!

The wooden garden furniture: a timeless choice

The wooden garden furnitureEast timeless. Her solidityand his longevityreassure. For more comfort, they are generally associated with cushionssoft. However, the wooden garden furniture requires regular maintenance. Indeed, it is recommended to apply a protective(oil) and a soberat least once a year to keep it in good condition. Must also protect it in winterto prevent it from retaining unsightly stains.

Advantages and disadvantages of woven resin

The braided resinhas been very popular in recent years. His design, its ease of adaptation and low weight made its reputation. However, resin wicker garden furniture cannot be kept no more than 5 yearsand their original color fades over time. They must also be protected in winter with a tarpaulin or a suitable cover.

Plastic for the garden furniture

The plastic garden furnitureare practical and economical. They are very easy to clean(water and soap are sufficient) and to stack for wintering. However, they can be damaged quickly because they are not very strong. A gust of wind can move them and / or knock them down.

Everything to enjoy the sun on your terrace

Just because you don't have a garden doesn't mean you can't enjoy sunny days on your terrace! You just need to install a lounge chair, a chileanor why not a hammockto enjoy the sun on its terrace. Of course, you also have to think about installing a Beach umbrellato protect yourself from the sun.

Enjoy your terrace at nightfall

The terrace is not only appreciated during the day! When the sun goes down, it's always nice to enjoy the fresh air in midsummer. To be able to dine with friends or family, it is necessary to invest in outdoor lighting. Wall light, spotlights, suspension, lantern or even light garland, the choice is vast. And if you don't have an outlet on your patio, consider solar.

What plants to install on the terrace?

In bac, in potor in planter, some plants thrive perfectly. However, they must be given attention and regular care. They bring the final touch to the decorationof a terrace.

The graphic plantsgo very well with an aluminum garden furniture. They are trendy and do well in pots. For example, grassesand the agapanthus lend themselves completely to the game. One can also quote the horsetails and ornamental garlic. To boost the atmosphere, you need to vary their ports.

If you want to create a Japanese atmosphereon your terrace, you can choose the small-growing bamboo, Japanese maple, camellias or even helxine. Bamboos are also perfect for hiding from prying eyes if the view is important.

In a whole different style more timelessand chic, the peoniesin pots offer fabulous spring flowering. We can also talk about hydrangeas, snowball viburnum ormore dogwoods.

A mini vegetable garden on the terrace

It is quite possible to install a mini vegetable garden on its terrace. Harvesting the vegetables, herbs and fruits that you grow yourself brings an immeasurable feeling of happiness. In addition, the vegetable garden adds an original touch to the decoration of the terrace.

The fruit trees, for example, are easy to grow in pots. The apricot tree, some species of cherry trees, the strawberries treeor the citrusare easy to enjoy on the terrace. On the vegetable side, we can mention tomatoes, the salads, the eggplants, the peppersor turnips. And obviously, the small aromatic plants(chives, thyme, basil, mint ...) do not need a large space to develop properly and provide a bountiful harvest.

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