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Olive tree in a pot: ideal on the terrace

Olive tree in a pot: ideal on the terrace

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The potted olive tree is a great idea to adorn a patio or balcony.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Olea europea
Family : Oleacées
Type : Tree

: 1 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Soil
Foliage : Persistent
Harvest : September to December

The maintenance, pruning and watering of the potted olive tree condition the proper development of olive trees and olives. © CyrilCo

Repotting the potted olive tree

The container culture of the olive tree is quite suitable, which even makes it one of the favorite shrubs for the patio or balcony.

After buying your olive tree, you need to repot it in the pot you want it to spend the next few years in.

Choose a pot that must be drilled at the bottom because the olive tree cannot bear its roots bathing in water.

  • Choose a container large enough for the roots to develop with ease.
    The olive tree does not necessarily need too large a pot that will be more difficult to move.
  • Use olive potting soil or planting potting soil.
  • Install it in a very sunny place and rather sheltered from the wind.

Maintenance of the potted olive tree

Annual pruning is recommended in late winter or early spring.

The potted olive tree prefers soft pruning to severe pruning.

  • Remove the branches that have grown at the foot of the tree or along the trunk.
  • Cut them branches that point to the ground. It is necessary to privilege the growth of the horizontal branches and which rise towards the sky
  • Air the heart of the tree by pruning the branches that grow inward and keeping the main branches that form the frame.

Watering the potted olive tree

Pot culture and that of the olive tree in particular imposes certain rules as for watering.

  • In pots, the earth will dry out faster, so it is necessary water regularly.
  • The olive tree cannot stand excess water, so you need watering moderate.
  • Every 15 days, during growth, addolive tree fertilizer to your watering. We can consider this period to be from April to June.

Olive tree in pot in winter in the face of frost

It needs coolness in winter and should normally resist frost provided they are not too strong and durable.

If the temperature drops below -5 ° for a long time, protect it with a wintering veil and cover the pot with a blanket to protect the roots from the cold.

In case of very severe frost, it is essential to bring your olive tree into a bright room but where the temperature does not drop below 0 °.

In winter, the potted olive tree fears humidity much more than cold.

To know about olive trees

The olive tree enchants, just by saying its name!

This tree whose lifetime can exceed a thousand years is characteristic of Mediterranean regions, but it is now also found on the Atlantic coasts with a more temperate climate.

Its fruits, edible, are the olives which are mostly black or green.
They can be enjoyed plain or with garlic, basil or all kinds of spices.
They also allow the production of olive oil, known for its health benefits!

Ill potted olive tree

Like any olive tree, even when grown in a pot, this tree is not free from disease or attack from pests like mealybugs.

Olives can also fall victim to a fly well known to olive growers, the olive fruit fly.

  • Black cochineal: organic control and treatment
  • Canker: Control and organic treatment
  • Olive fly: Organic control and treatment

Smart tip

In cooler climates and in the event of severe frost, cover your olive tree with a wintering veil to protect it from the cold and surround the pot with a blanket to protect the roots.

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