How to make your cat lose weight?

How to make your cat lose weight?

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An adapted food, an adjustment of the daily ration, physical exercise and your personal involvement are the 4 essential rules to allow your cat to lose weight.

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3 main reasons for overweight cats

Physical inactivity :

Cats that live in apartmentdo not have the leisure to hunt or have a very large territory to exercise. Deprived of stimulation, they spend their day lazing around.


Following sterilization, a cat's appetite increases and her urge to move decreases, while her energy needs are reduced by 30%.

Pathologies linked to obesity:

Diabetes, nerve damage or behavioral disorders can be responsible for overweight your cat. A specific diet and drug treatment can help.

Did you know ?

  • A cat is seen Overweight if he is over 15% of his ideal weight and in obesity if he is over 30% of his ideal weight.

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Make your cat lose weight

The first thing to do is to establish with your veterinarian his ideal weightdepending on its breed, morphology, health and lifestyle.

Choose a suitable food:

  • To meet your cat's protein needs, choose a low-fat protein food like turkey, chicken, or white fish (unlike beef, lamb, and salmon) that is grain-free.

Smart advice

  • Nothing other than his ration and only once a day.
  • Take care of your cat to encourage him to move.

Adjust your daily ration:

When you have chosen the right food, you need to find the ration that will bring him from his current weight to his ideal weight.

here is an example for a cat that weighs five kilos and whose ideal weight is four kilos.

  • Look on the food packaging for the recommended weight for a four-pound cat.
  • Leave this self-service ration once a day.
  • Weigh your cat a month later.
  • If the weight triggered weight loss, continue. Otherwise, reduce the ration by 10%.
  • When your cat has regained its healthy weight, slightly increase its ration to stabilize its weight.

Did you know ?

A cat should lose weight slowlyso as not to endanger his health and for his slimming to be sustainable. The results are usually visible after a month.

Make your cat move:

For a weightloss successful without loss of muscular mass, your cat needs to doexercise.

  • Divide her food ration and place it in different places in your house.
  • Place kibbles in a candy ball or dispenser to awaken your hunting instinct.
  • Install a tree, a cat, and beds in height (hammock, etc.).
  • Play with him.

Smart advice

The personal and total involvement of all members of the family is essential for the successful weight loss of your cat. We must come together and adopt the same rules.

When your cat has reached his ideal weight, offer him from time to time a box of mash to vary his diet and make you happy!

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“Sleeping cat does not hunt. "Indian proverb


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