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A hedge of the four seasons

A hedge of the four seasons

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Choose a four-season hedge!

For a change from monochrome evergreens, opt for a mixed hedge of flowering, leafy and decorative fruit shrubs.

It will offer you a varied decor throughout the seasons.

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The choice of shrubs

According to your tastes, you will choose them by privileging their flowering (color, period, duration), their foliage (green or purple, solid or variegated coloring, golden or silver, green, purple or copper in autumn), their fruits (decorative or attracting birds), or their perfume (flowers or leaves).

Among the fragrant shrubs, my favorites are winter honeysuckle, at daphne pretty wood and jasmine of the poets (or syringe). Some like the caryopteris also have fragrant foliage. If you like butterflies, you can attract them with shrubs with flowers rich in nectar (lilac, caryopteris). Garden centers offer "ready to plant" shrub kits for "four seasons hedge": with for example tamarisk, forsythia, gooseberry blood, weigelia, symphorine and snowball.

Planting the hedge

The ideal time is at the Saint Catherine (November 25) for shrubs sold in plugs, but those sold in containers can be planted all year round, except during periods of frost or drought.

Each hole will be approximately 40 x 40 x 40 cm. The spacing varies depending on the variety: from 50 cm to 2 m. If your soil is too clayey, place gravel, pieces of broken pots or expanded clay balls at the bottom of the holes. Cut back any protruding roots and broken branches.

  • Consider possibly praline the bare roots shrubs not sold in containers. The praline will be made from cow dung, soil and water.
  • Remove the container from the plants sold in plastic pots and untangle the bun from the roots.
  • Soak the shrubs for a few minutes in a bucket, before planting.
  • Do not stick the snare into the earth.
  • Close the planting holes by compacting the soil well and bring two watering cans per plant to drive out air bubbles.

Maintaining the hedge

If it doesn't rain after planting, water your hedge. To stop the spread of weeds, you can mulch it. In the first year, prune the young shoots to stimulate their growth, but only after flowering. Then the size will be limited to maintaining a harmonious shape.

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