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Mussels with cream and begonia flowers

Mussels with cream and begonia flowers

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An original recipe, iodized and full of freshness, mussels with cream and begonia flowers should surprise you as much as they will delight you.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 2 l of Bouchot mussels
  • 2 pink onions
  • 30 g semi-salted butter
  • 20 cl of apple juice
  • 25 cl of liquid cream
  • 12 flowers begonias
  • Salt, freshly ground pepper
  • A few bunches of currants for decoration

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Mussels with cream and begonia flowers

- In a saucepan, pour the liquid cream, heat. Off the heat, add the begonia flowers and let infuse for 20 minutes, covered.


- Clean, brush and deburr the mussels.

- Peel and chop the pink onions.

- Melt 30 g of semi-salted butter in a Dutch oven. Sweat the onions. Cook over low heat for 5 minutes.

- Pour in the apple juice and let reduce again for 5 minutes. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

- Add the mussels and open them over high heat. As soon as the mussels open, pour in the begonia-flavored cream.

- Serve 30 seconds after pouring in the cream.

To be enjoyed hot!

Chef's BBA

You can also use other edible flowers as long as you enjoy the flavor! Mussels with cream and begonia flowers can be served with flower fritters or fresh herb tempura.

Words from the kitchen

Trim a seashell : remove the overflowing parts.

Well being:

Liquid cream is also known as "whipping cream". Liquid cream is obtained from cream of milk. Unlike heavy cream, it has undergone neither inoculation, hence its milder flavor, nor maturation, hence its liquid texture.

To obtain its name "cream", it must contain, like the other categories of creams, 30% fat. Its culinary use is particularly indicated for whipped cream, mousses, crème brûlée ... because when beaten, it has the ability to increase in volume and to give a lightness to the preparation.

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Recipe: A. Beauvais, Photo: A. Roche

Video: Moules Marinieres Mussels in Cream (July 2022).


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