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Old horticulture msu media centre

An alternative to your daily commute. An old horticulture MSc is the perfect complement to your qualifications. With many courses available as fully online, these qualifications offer students flexible study options which allow them to fit into their existing working pattern. Online, these courses are just as popular as traditional MSc.

Course features


The flexible study approach of online learning makes these courses ideal for busy individuals with their busy lives. Courses have been delivered online to over 300,000 students in the last decade.

Flexible structure

At any time during your studies you can study according to your own pattern, when and where you want.

Professional support

Our highly experienced staff are available to answer your questions and provide advice and support from the moment you begin. We are experts in providing a high quality service.

Open to the world

Studying online allows you to study alongside students from all over the world. This means you can benefit from cultural and geographical diversity as well as a greater range of learning materials.

Course structure

A flexible study structure gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and follow a study path which suits your needs.

Professional learning

You'll learn to assess, teach and lead the way in teaching and research.

You will not only be able to access the course at the time and place you want but also through the medium you choose. As a student of one of our online courses, you can study from your own home, at your favourite café, or through our web application to learn from the best materials available and the best teaching available.

You will study in small groups with other students around the world, allowing you to make life long friendships. You can also engage directly with your tutor online in a secure environment.

In the course materials you will find a wealth of support and advice from your tutor, including:

What you will study

This course gives you the opportunity to study a range of core and elective courses at postgraduate level, covering a range of disciplines, each with its own learning outcomes and qualifications.

In the online postgraduate courses you will learn through a combination of self-directed learning, online tutorials and seminars where your tutor and other students share their expertise and experience.

You will be able to develop your own postgraduate learning through the flexible structures and rich support that we offer.

These courses are open to you whether you have previous postgraduate experience or whether you are studying postgraduate at the first time.

You will also study for the International Diploma in Education, which can be gained within eight to ten months. This course will prepare you for the next step in your career: taking an Advanced Diploma.

The School of Advanced Education and the College of Education at Deakin University has a wealth of expertise and experience in postgraduate education, including a number of well-established postgraduate diploma and degree programmes. Our highly qualified staff are specialists in education at both university and postgraduate level.

They are proud of their postgraduate expertise and have helped thousands of students at Deakin successfully complete postgraduate qualifications.

They are on hand to help you with any of your postgraduate qualifications. For example:

As well as offering you expert postgraduate guidance, you will also find this course has:

A combination of online and face-to-face learning

Efficient student support

A broad mix of course options

The School offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of education, health, science, professional services and other disciplines.

Each course provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience to pursue a career in the field. Students have the opportunity to develop new skills and gain valuable experience in their chosen career pathways.

Deakin’s postgraduate courses are designed to complement and enhance your current career and personal development, whether you are planning to enter further study or are looking for flexible and convenient options to gain skills or learn in your spare time.

In addition to a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, we also have a diverse range of postgraduate specialisations.

Our specialisations will support you in your own personal and professional development. You will learn a specialist skill, which will help you to achieve your career goals.

All of our postgraduate specialisations are accredited by one of our four Accreditation agencies:

To find out more information about what specialisations are available at Deakin or to find the specialisation you are looking for please click here

You can also find out more information on how to become a postgraduate student at Deakin by clicking here.

Course Accreditations

To find out more information on each of our postgraduate courses, please click here.

Students often want to make the most of the time they have to finish their studies. If you would like to study for a year or more, our flexible degree and certificate options can help.

These degrees are designed to fit around your existing work, family and personal commitments. You can do your studies from home, online or on campus and in a number of locations across Australia.

Certificate in Education Students who have completed a Bachelor of Education can apply to study a Certificate in Education at Deakin. Deakin’s Certificate in Education is accredited by the Australian Qualifications and Training Authority (AQTA).

Study Options

Deakin offers a range of flexible, flexible degree options that enable you to complete your degree studies on your own time.

Our flexible, online degrees are flexible, online to allow you to complete your studies at your own pace.

Flexible Online Masters

Flexible Online PhD

Flexible Online Honours Degree

Flexible Online Graduate Diploma

Flexible Online Graduate Certificate

Flexible Certificate Studies

Flexible Mature Student Diploma

You can find out more about our flexible degree options here.

You can also find out more information on how to become a postgraduate student at Deakin by clicking here.

You can find out more about our flexible certificate options here.

You can also find out more information on how to become a postgraduate student at Deakin by clicking here.

Career Support


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