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For over 40 years Scenic Landscaping has been specializing in landscape planting services in NJ and the surrounding areas. Everything from the landscape planting design, to landscape planting installation, to landscape planting maintenance we can take care of on every project. This is where the passion lives for our company, and where we established our…. When it comes to landscape construction in NJ there are many elements that end up being incorporated on each job. Scenic Landscaping covers all types of landscape construction, whether it is hardscape building or softscape planting needed for the project. Often times our projects will incorporate both plantings and masonry that need to work together….

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Environmental Design Assoc., Inc.

The simultaneous involvement of aesthetic variables and economic, social and environmental objectives in urban design and planning is quite rare, and difficult to be implemented and interpreted within a local context. The top-down approach has been the most common strategy employed in urban planning, whereas sustainability principles call for more participatory methods.

This study presents a design approach to the unification of archaeological sites in the town of Didimoticho, Greece, based on public participation and sustainability criteria.

A fully structured questionnaire was used to define aesthetic parameters. Six options were designed and then evaluated by the local community. Thus, taking into account the local conditions, a list of Must and a list of Wants were established according to selected sustainability criteria, which are significant tools for the Kepner-Tregoe model application.

The proposed methodology revealed the optimal design solution. This systemic participatory approach applicable to urban design and planning can be implemented in other cases as well. This need led to the idea that the unification of archaeological sites would help their promotion, protection and involvement in everyday town life. Two principal research problems had to be solved: the definition of aesthetic parameters and sustainability criteria in accordance with local conditions.

Our contribution is a case. Figure 1. Kales Castle-Plotinopolis route; Monuments: 1. Pentazono, 2. Kalioportes Gates, 3. Pyrostia, 7. Byzantine Museum. Schulz was the first to introduce the term of genius loci, the spirit of place as perceived by people in a certain place and, defined the landscapes as romantic, cosmic, classic and complex according to their distinct characteristics structured by tangible and intangible forms Schulz,Historic landscapes bear complicated features related to space and time.

These particular landscapes and their monuments have a symbolic value and function as landmarks that allow orientation both in space and time. Monuments register a permanent, lasting trace in space, which keeps alive the thoughts and acts of those who built them, and create links between space and its people, and between history and memory. Monuments also establish the historical consistency of places. In light of the Nara Document of Authenticity, a broader understanding of the tangible and intangible values of the cultural heritage within the local context can assist practical decision-making in heritage conservation.

Raising public awareness of the history and the meaning of the values represented by cultural properties themselves inspires public respect for the role monuments and historic sites play in contemporary society ICOMOS,However, inaccessible archaeological sites, silent monuments and the absence of daily interaction between modern space and people can lead to oblivion, wear and obsolescence.

Therefore, any attempt to understand and protect historic landscapes should not only reconstruct past forms of the landscape, but also start with the contemporary environment and include local features, complexity and diversity of landscape to allow local communities to carry out their own assessment.

Recent research has shown that the participatory approach in design is a sustainable values-driven process and can be applied successfully Echenique et al.When designing interventions in historic landscapes, the challenge is obviously to address the creation of new elements of landscape which arise from the reality and diversity of the needs of contemporary human and other living beings; to integrate new design ideas, modern materials and new structures; or add new functions into existing ones, without subverting the identity of the landscape Marcucci, ; Von Haaren,The unification of archaeological sites and thus of historic landscapes is a design proposal that aims to integrate them into modern city life, securing historical continuity and preserving the character of the city, while protecting and enhancing the landscapes by creating a unified network that apart from the dominant elements monuments and places of historical memory incorporates green and free public spaces, which could host cultural and leisure activities or facilities Galani,Given the limited experience in unification of archaeological sites globally and the fact that according to the Convention of Florence Prieur, , the aesthetics, a dimension of the quality of landscapes, should be taken into account, the examination of two different design approaches followed in Athens, even though not participatory, provides significant input to understanding and defining aesthetic factors within a local context.

The paving of the pathways is compatible with the historic landscape, the Acropolis and the hills they connect but also with the surrounding urban environment.

The austere paving, with its consistent and uniform appearance, without any inlays and morphological concoctions, restores a sense of continuity. The materials, gneiss cobblestone, whitish marble slabs, old curbs and gravel reinforced with cement, are also simple. The creation of links between civil and environmental options such as restoration, renewal, recycling and regeneration of urban infrastructure elements, the placement of appropriate lighting, the planting of trees and shrubs, along with the conservation and emergence of the historic olive grove, served the sustainability purposes well.

Quality of life was improved by maintaining and increasing the green space, reducing air pollution, aesthetic upgrading, improving and encouraging the movement of pedestrians, restoring the continuity of public and historical sites, and securing easy access to open spaces by public transport Fylaktou-Cattaneo, ; Loukaki, ; Papageorgiou-Venetas, ; Ministry-of-Culture-and-Sports,Built on the confluence of the major river Evros and its tributary Erythropotamos, Didimoticho is a provincial town located in the north-eastern Greece; its population comes to inhabitants census.

Its history goes back to prehistoric and ancient times while many monuments from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire eras are preserved Figure S1. Various ethnic groups, Gypsies, Turks, Armenians and Jews have lived in the town along with its main Greek population since the beginning of its history, creating a multicultural society.

Most Turks fled as refugees to Turkey during the Balkan wars and today the only Muslim residents of the town are the Roma who draw their origins from Egypt or the West Indies. Its Jewish community was one of the oldest in Greece and the largest in Greek Thrace. On May 4, , in the midst of the German Occupation, Jews were arrested and deported from Didimoticho to Poland, on a journey with no return.

In the second half of the 19th century, its Armenian community experienced great social and economic development; the Armenians worked as silversmiths and traders. Today only a few Armenian families still live in the town. Ecosystems of rich biodiversity are found on the wetlands of the river network; today these ecosystems are threatened by intensive agriculture, excavations, soil extractions and illegal dumping of sewage and waste. The climate is Mediterranean with medium rainfall throughout the year, hot dry summers and wet cold winters accompanied by frequent snowfalls.

In the absence of natural barriers, the region is exposed to northern winter winds but also to winds blowing from all directions throughout the year Gouridis , ;. Thrace is a rural region and one of the most disadvantageous regions in Europe with a low level of economic and social development and a high rate of unemployment. Sustainable tourism ensuring the preservation of natural and cultural heritage could play a key role in the development of this rural region. Their latest venture was to uproot the weeds and clean the castle Kastropolites,Therefore, we excluded from our research the examination of alternative routes towards the interior part of the town, for instance, towards the Mosque which is located in the central square of the town and the new Byzantine museum, as such a study would require a wider multidisciplinary approach.

Under the administrative reform aiming at decentralization, the emperor Trajan 98 - a. The excavation research revealed impressive mosaics, ceramics, a pipeline system and coins, a complex of well and chamber of great architectural art and other findings which indicated that the citadel was populated from the 2nd until the 6th century a. Figure S3. There is an ongoing excavation and the site is at the moment inaccessible to the public because of the lack of special housing which would preserve and protect it Koutsoumanis,The fortification of the town and the construction of the castle walls date back to the mid-6th century, during the times of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, when the devastation of Plotinopolis began.

Contrary to Plotinopolis, the castle is within an accessible site, part of which is inhabited Gouridis, ; Papadopoulos,Yet, the access is not easy because the street is very steep Figure S4. Integrating landscape into town design and planning policies reinforces and meets the requirements of sustainability. Thus, legal and ethical reasons enforce citizens to take part in urban design and planning at particular stages of development.

The bottom-up approach can function in line with sustainability considerations and the legal framework. We employed a multicriterion decision-making method to analyze and assess different alternative scenarios.

The accurate calculation of the weights selected according to local conditions along with the sensitivity analysis made an objective and unambiguous approach possible. The exploratory research aimed to identify the distinctive character of local landscapes as these were perceived by the town residents; in particular, it looked into the relationship of space and time through the collective and individual memory, and the interaction between people and historical and natural landscapes.

Exploring how local people determined the aesthetic parameters of the unification proposals was our main concern. Figure 2 presents the methodology process of the exploratory and main research we explain in detail in this section and in Appendices A-C. For the purposes of our research, a questionnaire was designed comprising four parts.

The third part. Figure 2. Research strategy. The questionnaire was pilot- tested before being finalized. Therefore, we tested the design principles followed such as a clear understanding of the objective of information requested by the respondents, neutrality, clarity and simplicity in the wording of questions and shortness, about ten minutes required time for filling up.

About four out of five citizens accepted to participate in the survey. A total of valid questionnaires were compiled; 50 of them were completed by adolescents. Based on the design guidelines defined by the people of the initial survey, a sample of six alternative paving projects was designed with the use of the Computer Aided Design AutoCAD programme Figure A1.

This model is a simple multicriterion model suitable for comparing a limited number of different options, which are evaluated against a combination of Musts and Wants. In this case, the model was used to evaluate the six unification options put forward by the preliminary research.

In this way, the list of Musts was established. The number of options was considered neither small to restrict the number of choices nor large to cause confusion and difficulties in the assessment carried out by the participants. Our fieldwork showed that a higher number of printed solutions would be hardly manageable by both respondents and researchers. Taking into account the local conditions such as climate and natural resources, five criteria of sustainability were determined and then a list of Wants weighed in the range 0 - 1 was established Appendix B.

Finally, the application of the model revealed the design proposal that best met the predetermined sustainability criteria. Fifty four percent of the respondents preferred the path unifying the two acropolises to be used only by pedestrians and cyclistsFinally,As to the definition of aesthetic variables and the character of paving, graphs in Figure 3 were created based on the responses of participants.

Taking into account the local conditions and the analysis of data collected by the questionnaire at the preliminary stage see Appendix A and Appendix C , six paving designs, presented in Figure A1, were developed. Then, local residents were requested to evaluate the six proposals by means of personal interviews. The main idea was to design two paths, one for pedestrians and another for cyclists separated with a greenery frieze Figure 4.

The pedestrian path was paved with grey granite cobblestones and ran along the river, while the bicycle lane was constructed with packed soil. The greenery strip between the pedestrian and bicycle lane was demarcated with red brick.

The total scores TS of the design proposals were obtained by processing the data of the design proposals evaluation sheets 61 in total filled in by the interviewees and the definition of a list of Musts M on a hierarchical scale ranging from 1 to 6 was estimated with Equation 1 for each proposal. Figure 3. Figure 4. Snapshots of the design proposals: a first, b second, c third, d forth, e fifth and f sixth. The detailed calculation of weight factors based on five sustainability criteria selected, i.

For the application of Kepner-Tregoe model Musts and Wants must be multiplied as indicated by Equation 3 in order to calculate the final scores FS. Calculations led to conclusion that the 5th proposal was the best option Table 1.

Table 1. Final results. According to the data of the initial questionnaire survey, a high percentage of respondents stated that their knowledge of local history and biodiversity of the riparian zone was poor.

Environmental Design Assoc, Inc.

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Tode Landscape Contractors Inc.

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